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Paint N’ Pinot is a BYOB paint studio that hosts public and private events for adults and kids.  Paint parties are a great way to celebrate special occasions or just get together and have a great time!  Join friends or come and make new ones while an experienced artist guides you through completing your own personal masterpiece.

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What are people saying about Paint N Pinot?

“I never thought I would be able to paint such a beautiful picture that I am so proud of! Really loved the whole experience and plan on painting again soon! What a great positive experience with great results!”

Lisa M., Port Griffith

“I think I am becoming addicted to this place….sooo much fun and makes me feel like I CAN actually paint!!!! Staff is amazing and encourages fun and seriousness at the same time. Not overcrowded room and feeling of being rushed at ALL.. Love this place…..”

Cindy E., Pittston

“Great time!!  Will do it again!!!”

Kathy A., Hughestown

“Awesome… Cozy… And fun!”

Eileen M.


“Wonderful fun! Fundraiser for Blue Chip Farms last eve-painted Van Gogh’s ‘Apple Blossoms’ and drank some vino! Everyone should try this!!”

June S., Wilkes-Barre

“Great birthday party memories!”

Amanda D., Pittston

We had such a great night here painting with our kids. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!! 🙂

Cheri P.

“We had a very large group of children and we felt welcomed the entire time! They explained the brushes, colors of paint, and the drawing to the little ones! Everyone was so supportive and kind to all our children. I will definitely come back and enjoy another kids night out and maybe an adult night as well!!!!!!”

Jennifer R.